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Whether it be one or 10,000 of, individual part or assembly, GL is competent for all of your production needs.

Challenges make work interesting; manufacturing working models from someone’s vision is what we’re all about.  On critical concepts, fit and finish is everything.  Excellence in this area is what one can expect.

Medical Devices
We manufacture medical devices and associated parts.  This product we helped engineer and later manufactured in volume.  The structure is G10FR4 Garolite, the knobs are Acetel and all indexing parts including knob threaded parts are grade 2 and 5 Titanium.

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The final assembly of parts can be both time consuming and expensive for companies that do not normally manufacture on a large scale.  Our highly skilled staff are capable of taking your CAD and other engineering documents from ideas to final product.  We can work with our clients every step of the way to bring your idea and final products to market.  The only thing our clients need to provide is packaging!  Call us to speak with our professional sales and engineering team to discuss your manufacturing and assembly requirements and budget today.

Hydrogen Cell
Manitoba has several companies that have pioneered fuel cell research and development.  GL Manufacturing has been a proud part of this innovative and leading edge product and prototype design and testing. 

The hydrogen cell enclosures we manufacture are mounted in many locomotives and motor carriers throughout the US and Canada.  This version of the cell is a GL innovation where the tongue and groove design created the seal needed.

If you have a special project or idea, we have the experience and facilities to make your ideas come to life from paper to prototype to final product.  Make GL Manufacturing your first choice in future design.

Garolite Manufacturing
Garolite is material that looks (and machines) like plastic only it's reiforced fiberglass and much much stronger.  It's a perferred material where others such as graphite, plastics, carbon fiber fail such as in damp or high heat applications.  We are specialist in working with this durable product and can recommend when it is best to use it. 

We have all of the computer hardware, software and machining equipment to machine and manufacture your product with the best materials engineered on the planet for your specific applications.  From motor mounts to industrial parts, we have the materials and know how to produce accurate and strong parts and assemblies.

Call us today to learn more about our Garolite and other specialized tooling and design capabilities.

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